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Find Freedom And Fulfillment In Just A Few Weeks
With Your Own Home Care Business

‘I was a twenty year veteran to the home care industry. I was at dead end jobs. While I was working for the State as a behavioral specialist for the vulnerable population, I was making less than $30,000 a year. Due to my lack of income I had to procure two other jobs just to make ends meet. After using the Kemper Care Inc. Business Start up kit, I was making money within weeks. After Only one month I was able to quit all three of my jobs. In My first year of business I was netting over $200,000 a year. Jennifer Kemper is an absolute genius when it comes to starting, building, and operating a successful Home Care business. I strongly recommend her product. It has changed my life, as well as my familys'.’

Brad Peterson, Zenith Services Inc.

It’s true. You can have a business set up in just a few weeks that will provide an income better than most jobs. And you don’t have to be someone who is good at sales, a brilliant idea person or have amazing business ability.

How I got started the hard way

About 15 years ago, I was a broke college student just trying to earn a living doing part-time work. I got a job working in someone else’s home care agency to make enough money for books and supplies. But when I found out they were making $12.32 per hour and I was making $6.32 an hour, I figured I could double my income if I started my own home care business.

With some hard work and persistence I was able to get everything I needed to start my home care business. After a few months my business was thriving and in a few years it was, for me, a gold mine enabling me to work only 15 hours a month while my employees served my client’s needs.

At this point some people I knew actually asked me to show them how I did it. By this time 3 years later, I’d come up with systems that made everything much easier than it was for me. Systems that avoid frustrations. Systems that save time and, most of all, systems that let you get started making money right away.

What will happen to you if you use my system

With my system you’ll have your own home care business in just a few weeks. All you have to do is spend 5 hours a week and follow my blueprints step by step.

There’s nothing you have to figure out because I’ve created systems, templates, forms and guides that eliminate the need for creativity and complex decision-making.

It’s basically a paint-by-numbers approach that can be duplicated by anyone.

How I know my system will work for you

Because others have used my ideas and gotten great results, I know these ideas will work for just about anyone.

The examples I mentioned above as well as my own should demonstrate my ability to make your business successful within weeks.  Just follow my step by step blueprint.

Here’s what you get when you try my Complete System For Starting A Home Care Business in Just A Few Weeks

Option 1:  You get my Quickstart Guide To Starting A Home Care Business—a downloadable audio and pdf that explains, in detail, everything you must do to get started in a home care business right away. (A $20 value)

You also get my Home care company policy & procedure manual. This you must have in order to open your doors for business. This manual took me 3 months to create and that’s AFTER the time it took to find the right person to create the manual for me and who charged me $5,000.00. That's time and money you’ll save by having it done for you.

My Home Care Worker Recruitment, Training and Management System which includes:

  • Guide to Getting the Best Home Care Employees/Contractors—including multiple, powerful strategies most people don’t know about how to get the best workers at the lowest cost—and common pitfalls you should probably avoid. You'll also get job posting materials I’ve created over the past 15 years that allow me find great workers fast.

  • Employee Application packet—so you’ll always collect EVERY piece of information you need to make a good hiring decision

  • Employee Orientation Manual—to make sure you do all legally required training AND make sure that your clients enjoy working with your workers (this is key to getting referrals—the lifeblood of any business)

  • The Complete Employee Management Forms I use to run my business: employee timesheet, payroll worksheets, invoices, employee evaluation forms and client care task check sheets.

You also get my entire Home Care Client Management System which includes:

  • The Complete Client Management Forms I use to run my business: client home visit forms, provider client task acceptance form, provider-client information change form, Home Care Plan of Care for private pay clients, Agency facsimile sheet, child and adult welcome letters.

  • State Client Intake Packet—when you get state contracts you’d have to spend hours creating this packet…This packet includes all the recent rules and regulations for federal requirements in home care businesses.

  • Private Pay Client Intake Packet -With private pay, the forms and rules are a bit different, so I have included both as a time and money saver.

It took me about 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to create all these forms and to discover all the blueprints I’m about to hand over to you. In fact, the Home Care Policy And Procedures Manual alone cost me $5000.00 and 3 months to produce. So, the entire system is actually a steal at just $2,199.

In fact, I’ve seen Home Care franchises that give you less than that, require you to pay $30,000 and up to get you started, and they don’t even give you a Policy and Procedure manual!

Not having a Policy and  Procedure  manual is the biggest roadblock on the way to getting your business started and on good legal footing.

On top of that they’ll want 5% of your businesses earnings—costing you potentially tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your business. That's money that should be in your pocket.

So to get everything you need to get started and run your business smoothly get my complete system.

Click Add To Cart to get Option 1 for just $2199

If you’re not ready for the complete system try one of the following less expensive options:

Option 2: For those who want to get started but are on a budget (when you start bringing in money you can get the other materials later at a slightly higher price).

Option 2 includes The Home Care Company Policy & Procedure Manual and the Quickstart Guide.

Remember you must have a P &P manual to get started. This manual took me 3 months to create and that’s AFTER the time it took to find the right person to create the manual for me and who charged me $5000.00. That's time and money you’ll save by having it done for you.

And The Quickstart Guide is essential to knowing what to do and when to do it in getting your business together.

Click Add To Cart to get Option 2 for just $1499

Option 3: For those that aren’t serious about starting their home care business yet and just want to know more.

Get the Quickstart Guide To Starting A Home Care Business—a downloadable audio and pdf that explains in detail everything you must do to get started in a home care business right away. (A $20 value)

Click Add To cart to get Option 3 for just $19.95.

New Option:  The Easiest Way To Get A Flood Of Clients

The Comprehensive Template to Procure State Contracts:

This 800+ page comprehensive template is designed to help procure state contracts providing Medicaid Personal Care, respite or Copes care.  When a company is successful and obtains these state contracts, it is an instant way to build your clientele and revenue, with very little advertising or marketing.

If your company is successful in its proposal and receives a contract, you’ll get clients referred to you by caseworkers at the state level.

Some states require a proposal or RFQ process to obtain a Medicaid, respite or Copes contract.  The comprehensive template is designed to assist in an RFQ process (if applicable) and provides the understanding of the Medicaid, Respite, or Copes contractual system.

Click Add To Cart below so you can start getting state contracts.  Cost: $3499


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